Master Bedroom Taping, Part 1

On Saturday, we had a taper come over and begin the process of taping, sanding, and priming the master bedrooom walls. This was a very exciting milestone for us, and once it’s done… we’ll be ready to relocate upstairs officially (and open up room to work on the first floor).

I wanted just a quick shot of the room, before work began.

A “bazooka,” a term I’d heard before but never seen in person.

Seams taped.

Corners, first pass. Seeing how the edges of two pieces of drywall end up being defined into a sharp edge is quite fascinating.

Ceiling, partly done. Unfortunately, our taper had to cut his time short due to a work emergency that came up. So while we were hoping to have the bedroom taped and primed by the end of Sunday, it looks like the work will have to carry over to next weekend, instead.

Still though, looking around after just a few hours’ work, it’s exciting. I remember Bob saying that once a room is taped, how drastic a change it is from before. And the walls are really starting to look like… well, actual walls.

It’s tough that we have to wait another week, but we’re getting much closer to our own bedroom. I’m itching to get everything moved up there, but also itching to get to work on the first floor (and to demo out the front living room). Here’s looking to next weekend…

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