Dining Room, Ceiling Drywall, Day 1

We woke up somewhat early this morning, and after breakfast and some Netflix… Liz and I headed downstairs to work on putting up drywall on the dining room ceiling.

This room is much smaller than the living room, and with just one one tricky corner. So we felt like it was a good project we could knock out over the weekend.

That is, until we got to the math. We were trying to determine, when starting in the corner, whether we were working with a right angle or not. And whether we needed to cut that initial drywall board to compensate for an acute or obtuse angle.

We spent… a significant part of time trying to figure this out, with little success. Ultimately, we ended up using a laser level against a row of washers, and decided that would be our source of truth. And all the boards we put in today matched up pretty well against that line.

With the Bakers scaffold and the drywall lift in the same room, there was a lot of moving around of things.

First board up, with the laser level as our guide. We’re working with 1/2″, 8′ boards.

Liz, manning the lift.

All in all, not too shabby. We made a really precise cut for the ceiling light, and were able to dry fit it once and got it in right after.

All full length boards, save the last one (whose width we had to trim down). There are definintely some spots that are going to make the taper’s job a lot harder… but we did about as well as we could. A long, long day… but got a good portion of the ceiling covered.

Living Room Ceiling Drywall, Part 1
Demo Prep in the Dining Room
Dinnig Room Demo

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