New Hall Closet Framed

Saturday, Bob was over for another long day – tackling the framing of our new hall closet. I helped with a bit of prep, removing a lot of lathe that was still in the way.

As Bob was measuring and cutting, I switched over to cleaning up the ceiling above the old closet and stairs.

It was mostly lathe removal, but led to a ton of debris and soot from the ceiling. A shame that our new plywood got so dark from grime and muck. You can see where the trash can was, and how dirty the debris makes things.

Big nail.

As part of the ceiling work, I took out two joists above the stair landing. Bob had a good suggestion to strengthen the header (above the middle window)… so we ended up just taking the joist nearby and sliding it over… doubling it up.

Closet frame, shaping up.

In two short days, we’ve got new structures in the vestibule and hall. We’re aiming to get hangars to put up the remaining drywall, and it’s exciting to imagine fresh walls all along this room.

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