Liz’s Scooter is Stolen… Again

Yesterday, on our way home… I happened to look over to where our scooters were parked (on the SW corner of Logan and Sacramento). Where there should have been two scooters, there was only one. Liz’s Vespa was still there, but her red scooter… the first one she ever got, was missing.

The scooter was having some issues, and though it ran… it would choke up after only a minute or two. It was due to get a carb cleaning, but we hadn’t yet taken it in. We took a brief drive down Sacramento, thinking that perhaps the thieves ditched it when they tried to ride it. No luck.

Our best guess is that someone lifted the thing right into a truck. The Vino is relatively light, and it wouldn’t be hard for two guys to just pop it into a van or the back of a truck bed.

Oddly, this isn’t the first time this particular scooter has been stolen. Several years back, the same thing happened – someone swooped by and snatched the Vino. After that, Liz then purchased a 2007 Vespa. Fast forward a handful of months, and she gets a call from the police saying that they’ve found the scooter in an alley somewhere. It had been dismantled a little bit, but it was mostly intact.

Around that time, Jake was considering getting rid of his black Vino (which had died), and so Liz bought it off of him thinking she could salvage parts from it to repair her red Vino. When we took both scooters in, we found out that the black Vino was actually fine and just needed some slight cleaning, and it was up and running. So for a little while there, we had three scooters: Liz’s original red Vino, her new Vespa, and Jake’s black Vino.

We sold the black Vino to Justin a long while ago, and now with the red Vino stolen… we’re back down to one scooter.

Sucks. I have this odd feeling though, that we’ll get another call and find it left somewhere in an alley again. We got lucky that first time around, and I guess this is a bit of wishful thinking.

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