Even More Lights in the Basement

Bob came over today, and spent the day in our basement working on setting up the basement stairs. He also bought us a string of lights, which are now set up along the ceiling. The string came with Edison bulbs, but we replaced them… and wow, what a difference! I was looking around in awe, as it felt like a completely different room.

One of the stringers in, as well as a lot of the beadboard we cleaned and painted.

Another view of the stairs/area.

The floodlights were helpful, but our space is markedly brighter now. The halogen bulbs start off a little dim, but definitely brighten up as they get warmed up.

You should really see things when the lights are first turned on, as the room has this kind of warm glow to it. Makes me feel like we’re a few tiki mugs away from opening up a bar down here.

Installing the Basement Lights
The Beginning of the Stairs
Prepping the Beadboard with a Gallon of Spilled Paint

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