A Short Night of Drywall

Before Bob left for the holidays, he was able to get a lot of the heavy soundboard up in the master bedroom. What remains is the 1/4″ drywall that needs to go as a final layer, on top of the soundboard.

It’s been a pretty busy last two weeks for us. And it wasn’t until tonight that we had a small breather of time to actually get a house night in.

Liz, measuring up the dimensions for the first long board. As Bob and I discovered with the soundboard, there’s a lot of variation to the walls… making it a big challenge to cut pieces to fit.

Adding a lot of sealant. This stuff is super sticky, and as a result nearly everything else has gotten sticky as a side-effect: the rulers, the caulk gun, the drills. Thankfully it washes off fairly easily, but most everything now in the room is sticky to the touch.

I wasn’t a very good partner tonight for Liz. We had a lot of discussions back and forth on approach, and I know I was likely a source of frustration. Despite that, we were able to get one board up on the wall, ableit after a lot of prep and setup.

My belief is that the other pieces will go in a bit easier, since they’re going to be straight up/down. Working with the 1/4″ is really challenging, as it feels like the board is going to snap in half at any moment. While it’s markedly less dust, the thicker pieces of drywall do seem easier to handle.

Installing Drywall in the Master Bedroom
Working with Drywall for the First Time

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