Chris Ramsay Solves Puzzles on the Internet

While surfing around, I found myself going down a YouTube hole. It’s interesting in that I don’t really surf randomly much, anymore. But after a week away, I was doing that a fair bit. And happened across some really fun videos.

In particular, Chris Ramsay’s channel, where he solves a lot of puzzles online:

There was something about the puzzle itself that caught my eye. And after watching Ramsay step through trying to figure it out, I realized I kind of enjoyed that whole process. Looking more, I found he’s got a ton of videos posted, which should make for some interesting watching.

Also, the puzzle itself was by Daniel Scott, who has a shop on Etsy (but doesn’t seem to have a lot of puzzles for sale at the moment). Maybe he does things on a custom request basis. From what I can see, he’s created (and sent several puzzles to Ramsay)… and they’re all very inventive.

All these woodworking puzzles make me want to try to build a reverse geocache puzzle. I had that itch a decade ago, and this seems like it would be a fun project to undertake.

And yes, I still have that puzzle I got from Sajit. And yes, it’s still sitting on my desk, unsolved.

Why do you ask?

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