The Joys of Living with Bunny Rabbits

With Quincy having more mobility problems of late… we decided to try out a different litter box. The ones we used in the past were somewhat high on the sides, which sometimes provide difficult for Quincy to get past – both going in and out of the litterbox.

While our now regular acupuncture visits are helping (it’s quite remarkable, honestly, how much of a difference it makes)… we’re trying to make things as easy as we can, for the old man.

Which brings us to Phineas. Who, as we have learned, likes to kick out the litterbox. We came home tonight to see this lovely mess waiting for us.

We’ve tried a lot of different tactics, to prevent against this mess: different litter, a different ratio of litter to hay, more frequent changes. I think with the introduction of a newer box… we’ve got to fine-tune things again, to figure out what a good ratio is.

The problem with these incidents is that we never quite catch him in the act, since we’re away at work. So we can’t try to yell, or spritz him with a water bottle to discourage the behavior.

We never catch him during the day, but I know it’s him. I mean look at his face. It has guilt written all over it. That’s the face of a guilty criminal, people.

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