Powerwash Prep

In prep for the basement work, we relocated Quincy and Phineas upstairs, into my office room. We had some concerns about the fumes from the powerwasher wafting up, as we’d be working directly below where they were living… so we figured moving them upstairs was a safer thing to do.

I was worried about the office getting messy while they were up here – but they were great. No messes to clean up.

Note: those are food pellets on the ground.

In the basement, taping up the furnace and hot water heater, to protect them from water.

Bob and Liz, taping up our cable wire.

We spent a good deal of the day getting prepped for work. But unfortunately, when all was said and done… the powerwasher had some issues. There was water coming through, but there was a leak somewhere that Bob couldn’t fix without taking the engine apart.

So – we had to call things early, and pick up tomorrow with a rental.

Basement Prep
Basement Clearing

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