Powerwashing the Basement

New day, new power washer. Bob was kind enough to pick this guy up on his way over today.

Bob, cleaning up the brick. Originally, Liz and I were planning on doing the powerwashing, but Bob wanted to handle the washing because he had concerns about how well the mortar would hold up.

Good news: the mortar fared much better than expected!

Liz and I, on broom and squeegee duty.

Cleaning the bricks along the East chimney.

It may be a bit hard to tell here, but it looks much better after the washing…

Liz, looking for some tools.

The basement – wetter and cleaner. We’ve got a small dehumidifier that was left with the house, which we’re putting to good use down here.

It seems like a small event, and even anti-climactic. But the whole “powewashing of the basement” has been a big milestone for us. The basement has a whole lot of steps to go, before it’s fully complete – but getting to this point of washing the walls down was huge.

With the chimney work mostly completed, and with us getting lucky on having no soot from there… we’re one step closer. With the walls washed, this puts our next step at patching some of the mortar and bricks.

It’s all step by step, but today felt like a big step (even though it may not look it).

Powerwash Prep
Basement Prep
Basement Clearing

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