Late Evening, Sprinkler

It was a slow day today, but Liz and I ended up by sitting out in the backyard.

I had the water going, and we ended up just setting up our chairs slightly out of reach of the tractor.

A kind of odd evening, just watching the sprinkler do its thing and slowly make its way towards us. But we both found this incredibly soothing, incredibly calming.

Ever since Liz went to Georgia last month (and I had to tend to a lot of the watering)… I’ve grown very protective of her plants. And, the overall backyard, I suppose.

After caring for them directly, I’ve become a lot more cognizant of their needs. And have felt more connected to our front and back yards.

Suffice it to say, it felt nice to see everyone have a bit more water – especially after two 90+ days this week. There was definitely something soothing and relaxing about it all, just sitting and listening to the sound of the sprinkler slowly make its way towards us.

Briefly Enjoying the Backyard
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