A Long Day in the Basement and Yard

Today was a big work day, as Bob and Julie came over for an early start. While Bob was working in the basement, Liz and Julie were working in the yard to get a head start (before the heat got too strong).

I was bopping around a lot – ran some errands (getting the AC units out of storage), mowed the lawn. Later in the day, after lunch, I ran on a supply run with Bob and spent time helping in the basement.


The staits, starting to take shape.

I’ve only done it a few times, but walking up these is possible. Just need to go slowly, and walk closer to the edges.

Julie and Liz, near the end of an incredibly long and exhausting day. The two of them were working pretty much nonstop the whole day, and potted nearly all of the plants Liz had for the yard.

The whole section, near our back deck, re-done..

Plants along the fence.

We ended the day with some beers while sitting in back, with the sun down and the weather feeling quite remarkable. Big day, inside and out.

Yard and Basement Day
Basement Work, Yard Work

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