Cleanup Day and a Small Fix for the Salt Shaker

Mostly a cleanup day today. I spent a lot of time taking out nails from the wall studs I removed. A kind of slow process that was slower and more labor intensive than I expected.

Saving these pieces, for potential re-use. All cleaned up and neatly stacked.

Towards the early evening, Bob came up and helped replace two of our electrical outlets. They were in pretty rough shape, and he got things cleaned up considerably (in between all of my questions).

This here is an old bit of cork, that was used to plug up the bottom of our salt shaker. It was originally carved by Liz’s grandfather, and it’s been something she felt very sentimental about.

The other day, when we tried to pull it out… the thing began disintegrating. When Bob was over, Liz asked him to carve a replacement.

Bob, fine-tuning his handiwork with a nail file.

Liz with the new cork.

It’s a weird thing to document, I confess. But the original cork lasted over two generations, and I suspect this one will do the same. For all the ephemera I keep track of on here, documenting this small little act seemed appropriate.

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