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Signs of Spring

With all of the work going on in the house, we have (unfortunately) a small pile of debris building in the backyard. Mostly it’s excess wood, old cabinets, and things that I’m slowly getting rid of via the weekly trash pickups.


A New Old Bird Bath

As we were discussing things we could do with the yard (probably next year), we decided to take an old bird bath and place it back in the yard. There’s a small bit of cement in the middle of the yard, where it possibly may have resided before we moved in.


Backyard Tree Removal: Before and After Photos

One in particular was this massive guy, protruding from our yard and hovering well over in the neighbor’s yard. It’s hard to really do justice to the scale of the thing, but on first seeing it… Liz and I were both concerned regarding the potential damage it might do to the neighbor’s house (and ours).