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Las Catalinas, Day 8: Lazy Day

The pattern of our days, in Las Catalinas, has been something like this: wake up, breakfast, reading for a while, get sleepy, possible nap, wake up and read a bit more, maybe swim, possible second nap, drinks watching the sun set, dinner, drinks post dinner, repeat.


Christmas Dinner in Valparaiso

Today and tomorrow are a bit weird, in that I’m staying out in Valparaiso, IN but commuting in to Chicago. I rode in with Bob early in the AM (he came in to work on our place while I was at work), but took the South Shore line back out to Valpo at the end of the day.


Hanging with the Family in Indy

We couldn’t really come up with a good gift idea for my parents this year. With my dad getting some surgery on his eyes recently, his vision has drastically improved. So the idea of doing a VR thing came up – and we decided to turn it into a big, group outing.


Early Christmas in Detroit

Mid-morning today, I was down in the basement with Kirt helping to set up the Super Chexx machine. For all the time I’ve spent playing this game, this was my first time actually touching the puck (pretty cool).


Liz Solo Day

Liz had the day off today. And instead of taking a much-needed break, she suited up and spent the day working on the living room. We had some backer board left to rip and put up, along with a lot of drywall pieces arond the window frames.

And she did it all. Table saw, circular saw, multitool, staple gun, the works.


New Duct in the Living Room

First bit of backerboard installed. Eventually, a sheet of 3/8″ drywall will sit on top of this thing. And a second sheet of 1/2″ drywall will cover both the 3/8″ and the backerboard. The idea behind the backerboard is to ensure there’s always material to bite into, when installing the baseboard/trim. No need to hunt for studs, since there should always be something to dig into.