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House Planning with Bob

With a project like this, the dates are going to fluctuate and change. Liz and I have no illusions about that. But our goal is to apply all this down to a calendar that we can reference on any given day, to see if we are on schedule, ahead of schedule, or falling behind. And if we’re falling behind, it gives us some insight into what our options/obstacles are… if we still want to hit our end date.


Adding a Little Shine

Liz continued work on the basement treads tonight, applying a first round of varnish. Since she was all about this task, I ended up taking on some of the outside/garden duties, and watered the back garden boxes, and all the plants along the fence and in the front yard.


Power Out, Games Out

After a slow morning and spending a few hours doing some around-the-house chores, I was out in the backyard when I heard a series of loud, dull pops in the distance. It sounded like muted gunfire almost, which was really strange.